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Driving positive impact – together!

We build bridges between investors and the world of impact investing.


Our Focus

Our focus lies on investment opportunities that meet specific impact criteria and make a positive contribution to achieving the SDG.

Investment network

With our international experience, expertise and extensive network, we are a strong partner for impact investment portfolio managers.

Investment decisions

With many years of practice in impact investing, our research offers investors the basis for transparent investment decisions.


Sustainability Alignment Rating (AFISAR © ) Tool

AFISAR Tool assesses the alignment of a company’s sustainability performance – both at institutional and portfolio level – to the SDGs. As of today, we have completed more than 105 MFI Ratings.

Measurable Impact - Driving positive impact – together!

Our objective is to enhance impact measurement as enabler towards a stronger impact orientation and promoter of sustainable development. We see impact measurement as one of the core characteristics of impact investing.

Federal (German) Initiative Impact Investing

In July 2020, we co-founded and spearheaded the 'Impact Measurement & Management' working group within the Federal (German) Initiative Impact Investing and continue to play an active role in advancing its objectives.


Sustainability Consulting

We provide consulting services to help clients integrate sustainability risk management effectively within their organisation.

Sustainability Risks

We facilitate organisations to understand and smoothly implement the Guidance Notice on Sustainability Risks.

ESG Risk

We have conducted 150+ plausibility checks on the ESG Ratings provided to listed companies across 30 industries.


Being Agents for Impact means more than just a job to us.

We build bridges between investors and the world of impact investing. Our goal is to consider sustainability in its opportunities and risks (risk), render impact measurable and comparable (rating), and make financial inclusion structurally and legally viable, as well asappealing to investors (research). Our goal is to createimpact, which is fair, sustainable and responsible. Sustainability plays a decisive role in our corporate decisions. Together with ourpartners we pursue positive impact & contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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