AFI In Tajikistan – ARVAND Bank Rating

We are pleased to showcase this week the performance of our client, Bank CJSC Bank “Arvand” on Agents for Impact Sustainability Alignment Rating (AFISAR). The institution performed very well and scored “A” on this year’s rating. Arvand is the first organization in Tajikistan that we partnered with for a 3-year AFISAR© rating. Since 2002, the Bank’s multi-purpose loans have enabled low-income families and micro-entrepreneurs to increase their income and improve their standard of living. Along with financial services, it also provides non-financial services such as trainings and consultations to these borrowers.

Yannick Rust, Sustainability and Rating Advisor at Agents for Impact said:

"The team of Arvand showed good collaboration during the entire process and were very diligent in their responses to the queries of our team. We are honored to partner with companies who embrace sustainability into their business philosophy. Looking forward to driving impact together in Tajikistan!".