Yannick Rust

Director Sustainability Rating & Risk

With a background in Impact Investing since 2015, Yannick began his journey with GEXSI Capital Partners in Berlin.

He gained further professional experience in the Sustainable Investments Department at Deutsche Bank before joining Invest in Visions as an Investment Associate.

Yannick joined Agents for Impact in March 2019, shortly after the company´s inception.

Collaborating closely with a colleague and a former Moody’s employee, he co-developed AFISAR in March 2019, before their efforts culminated in the official launch of the sustainability alignment rating system in August of the same year.

Yannick holds a BSc dual degree in International Management from ESB Business School Reutlingen and Universidad Pontificia de Comillas Madrid.

His 2015 thesis focused on the potential of the Millennium Development Goals to contribute to poverty eradication in Sub-Saharan Africa, igniting his enduring passion for the international development agenda.

Yannick speaks German, French, English, and Spanish fluently, complemented by basic knowledge in Portuguese and Mandarin.