Nigina Begmatova

Senior Impact Officer

Nigina has more than 10 years of experience in mass media and mass communications. She also has experience in public relations at the National Association of Small and Medium Business. During her professional career, Nigina worked on the issues of girls’ access to education and unequal treatment of women in Tajik society.

She is a graduate of the Women’s Leadership course at the Institute for the Study of the United States in the United States of America. She actively promotes the idea of equality in her community, as well as gender equality, issues of girls’ access to education in traditional Tajik society, and issues of poverty.

She is also the Сo-founder of the Women’s Voice Tajikistan project, which aims to educate Tajik girls about women’s rights, domestic violence, equality, education, etc. She won the competition “Best Media Project and Photos” in Kyrgyzstan, showing the problem of poverty in the region. Her pictures were shown in several exhibitions in the city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Nigina was awarded the National Prize in 2016 for her contribution to the development of Tajik society. Initiator of several actions on environmental protection and informative clubs for students from rural areas, thematic months on the prevention of violence against women, on the most prominent female leaders in the world, Black History Month, Ecology Month, etc.

She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in International Journalism from Russian Tajik Slavic University, Tajikistan. Doctoral student in the field of journalism. Author of a number of scientific articles and publications.