Kunal Vidhani

Investment Analyst

“Meet Kunal, an Investment Analyst at Agents for Impact. With a passion for creating positive change around the globe, Kunal joined our team in August 2022. In his current capacity, he oversees the monitoring of a portfolio exceeding EUR 100 million, spanning South Asia and Africa. Additionally, he actively evaluates potential investment opportunities, conducting due diligence within the realm of financial inclusion.

Prior to joining Agents for Impact, Kunal gained invaluable experience in the impact industry while working with a US-based Impact Asset manager. During this time, he was an integral part of an investment team, where he played a crucial role in managing the entire deal cycle. His focus was primarily on facilitating renewable energy access and financial inclusion sectors. Kunal’s experience also extends in raising funds internally for close-ended structured funds.

Kunal completed his academic journey at Pakistan’s prestigious and top-ranked business school, the Institute of Business Administration Karachi (IBA), where he specialized in Accounting and Finance. Kunal is on the path to becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He has already achieved success at Level 1 and is actively working towards Level 2. Apart from his academic pursuits, Kunal’s leadership qualities came to the forefront during his tenure as a highly elected member of the IBA Student Government Body.  He managed society finances and student affairs, demonstrating his capability to balance responsibilities effectively.

Kunal’s heart lies in the world of impact, and he has been following his passion since he started his corporate journey. This passion is further fueled by the untapped potential of Pakistan’s emerging market, where Kunal resides, offering countless opportunities for positive impact.

Outside of the professional realm, Kunal enjoys unwinding through game of cricket, netflix and exploring new horizons through travel. Kunal aspires to add adventure stunts like skydiving and cliff jumping to his life’s to-do list.