EUR 1.5mln Debt Finance To MK Moldova

On the heels of the emphatic victory of Ms. Maia Sandu, former World Bank economist and pro-European Union, as the president elect of the Republic of Moldova, AfI is proud to announce that it facilitated and successfully concluded loan transaction of EUR 1.5 million from Invest in Visions GmbH to , an MFI which specializes in financing small and medium enterprises in the rural and urban sector of Moldova and is part of the renowned Mikro Kapital group of companies.

Dr. Andrij Fetsun (CEO of AFI) had this to say on the transaction:

“ This is the first Moldovan loan transaction facilitated by Agents for Impact and we are happy to see that it successfully concluded around the same time that the citizens of Moldova selected a former economist and woman as its president. I envisage a very bright future for impact investments in Moldova and can’t wait to see the positive impact and benefit that this investment by Invest in Visions GmbH in Mikro Kapital Moldova has on the entrepreneurs and small businesses in Moldova.”