AFI’s performance in FY2020

We are pleased to share with you our impact report for FY2020. In the one year since we were greenlit to provide investment management services, we have advised Invest in Visions GmbH on over 14 transactions and built a portfolio of USD 132 mn, as depicted in the chart. In FY 2020 alone, we have enabled disbursement of USD 99 mn globally. We also facilitated 6 syndication transactions with EBRD and . Even our SDG rating tool, AFISAR©, formed an integral element of the investment decision on all the transactions, thanks to Juliane & Manuela.

A big shout out to our team, whose hard work, passion and persistence has led to such fruitful results; and IIV, for their unending faith and support.

We are now ready for dreaming big and achieving bigger results in FY2021 with our trusted Risk team of Harsh (South East Asia) and Gennadiy (Eastern Europe), our Investment Officers, Dr. Andrij and Memona (Central Asia & Europe) and our legal counsel, Shreya, all steered by by our amazing Debt Investments Director, Andrii.

We have also begun exploring investment opportunities in LATAM and South East Asia with our new Agents, Javier Eduardo and Siddharth.

This is just the beginning for AFI & we eagerly look forward to what the future will bring!

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