SDG-Ratings: With Dedication through the “Decade of Action”

Dr. Andrij Fetsun talks about the evaluation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Agents for Impact rating model. The measurability and comparability of engagement is becoming increasingly important. He explains the current trends in impact investing and discusses the rating tools and gives insights into the in-house system.

Dr. Andrij Fetsun has been the CEO of Agent for Impact since 2018. Prior to that, he was the Senior Portfolio Manager at Invest in Visions, an impact fund based in Frankfurt, Germany. In just four years, Andrij managed to grow the fund’s portfolio from €98 million to over €661 million without any defaults. He has ten years of professional experience in impact finance, including collaborations with KfW and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management to promote SME finance and microfinance. Andrij started his career in portfolio management at BHF-Bank in Frankfurt am Main and he is the author of articles on quantitative approaches in portfolio management and in particular on ESG integration in portfolio management, which he wrote during his time at Veritas.

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