Plausibility check

ESG ratings are causing much confusion and criticism although many investors and financial institutions use them. How come that some companies can achieve a top rating and still have negative real-world impact? What are ESG-ratings all about if the results for one particular company can be so different? How can a basic understanding of the methodology prevent comparing apples and oranges?

These and other questions on ESG ratings have been discussed by Manuela Fritzsch, Director of ESG Risks & Impact at Agents for Impact (AFI), in a podcast, where she gives an insight into practical examples, market trends and the value added of AFI. Please find the full interview here

Since 2019, AFI performs plausibility checks of ESG ratings for customers in the financial services industry like HANSAINVEST. Our expertise and experience with the Agents for Impact Sustainability Rating (AFISAR©) based on the SDGs represent an immeasurable asset in this respect.

Want to know more about ESG ratings and our sustainability services? Please contact Manuela Fritzsch, Director of ESG Risks & Impact manuela.fritzsch@agentsforimpact !