Client Story Humo Tajikistan

Agents for Impact recently facilitated another loan transaction of USD 2 mln to Humo! We want to share with you the impact our partner has on the empowerment of Tajik women.

Zarina Karimova is a resident of Ozodagon village, Pyanj district. She lives with her husband and in-laws. Zarina pursues the dream to run her own business in order to be an independent woman. Before using financial services and receiving loans from Humo, Zarina started running her own small businesses, a wedding dress salon in her region. The lack of funds prevented her from expanding her business.

That is where HUMO came into play, the MDO provided her with a loan and in the first 8 months of obtaining it Zarina was able to update and purchase new goods, improve the quality of services, train several apprentices, as well as enlarge the salon itself and widen her client base.

This story shows that tajik women have a lot of potential, however due to different kind of restrictions are not able to fully utilize it. Humo contributed to eliminate the financial restriction. Now, Zarina is planning to take a large loan from HUMO and open a perfume shop in her village in the future.

Agents for Impact wishes Zarina prosperity in her business and more such inspiring stories to our partners in Tajikistan.

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