AFI supports student competition on the development of the Ukrainian

We are so glad to announce our recently launched student competition about research on #microfinance in #Ukraine, which Agents for Impact hosts together with the National University of Trade and Economics (KNUTE)! AFI and KNUTE are excited to join forces with impact-driven students towards a strengthened microfinance sector in Ukraine!
With over 43 million inhabitants, Ukraine’s population is among the biggest in #Europe. Whereas the country’s level of financial services penetration is yet comparatively low, microfinance stands as a major driver for financial inclusion and socio-economic development. In this context, the student competition aims to advance the research on the development of the Ukrainian microfinance sector with a special focus on the role of international #impactinvestors.
We would like to encourage interested students with experience in finance industry research to prepare an essay together with a biographical note. Further details about the competition can be found at
Sounds interesting? We look forward to hearing from you at!

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