AFI reached 1000 followers on LinkedIn

We are thrilled to announce that we have reached the 1,000+ follower milestone on LinkedIn. This is a great chance to thank YOU for engaging with us and helping the Agents for Impact team flourish.

We are extremely honored and delighted to see that so many are following us and engaging actively with our posts on LinkedIn. The great engagement rate is good news to us, because it shows that you find the news and information we post, interesting. It also means that Agents for Impact is constantly growing and reaching more and more professionals who are interested in the sustainable finance and impact investing industry. And we are very thankful to you for that growth.

As we grow, we are planning to develop our activities and expand our network further to strengthen the cooperation between our clients and MFIs all over the world, thereby achieving our key goal of building bridges between investors and the world of impact investing.

Let’s keep growing!

To get the latest updates, hop on over to LinkedIn and become part of the AfI community by simply clicking the “Follow” button on the Agents for Impact LinkedIn Page.

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