AFI participates at practice exchange of the Initiative Impact Measurement and Impact Management

What contribution can impact investing make to great transformation? – For a livable future, we need profound change processes on an ecological, social and societal level, for which impact investing is an important driver through impact-oriented investing. SDGs

Many thanks to the 30 participants in yesterday’s practice exchange of the impact measurement and impact management initiative of the Federal Impact Investing Initiative. Special thanks for their contributions go to Magnus Göpel & Safar Sarif (Impactive Values) on the role of SMEs in the transformation process, Sophie Kazmierczak (NEXT Generation Invest GmbH) on the importance of real estate properties with clear social added value, and Zoé Constantin CFA (IMPACT Partners) on the opportunities of impact private equity and social impact measurement.

We will of course continue the active exchange, among others on the following questions: How can lighthouse projects help to promote impact  orientation also in the mainstream? Do impact investors also need their own Theory of Change? How can positive change through investor impact and company impact succeed in different asset classes?

If you are interested in exchange/cooperation, please contact us! Juliane Boeselager & Manuela Fritzsch

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