AFI discusses definitions and dimensions of impact investing

In order to live up to the claim of #impactInvesting, transparent and evidence-based #impactMeasurement is indispensable. At yesterday’s virtual meeting of the Impact Measurement Initiative (moderated by ), we discussed definitions & dimensions of #impactinvesting with representatives of the impact community.

We understand #impactmeasurement as a conversation opener for change processes. To this end, we advise microfinance institutions using our   Sustainability Alignment Rating (AFISAR©) tool towards a positive contribution to #SDGs as well as a strategic alignment that comprehensively considers #ESG aspects. As Agents for Impact, we want to combine our expertise in impact measurement, sustainability issues and regulation #SFDR) in a targeted way and support our partners* in taking a differentiated view of opportunities and risks, e.g. by plausibilizing ESG ratings.

We lead the Impact Measurement Initiative as part of the Federal Impact Investing Initiative with PHINEO gAG  and are an active part of an engaged community working to strengthen the impact investing ecosystem. We look forward to continuing our exchange!
Impactful greetings,
Yours Juliane Boeselager & Manuela Fritzsch

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